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The sales from the book will be used  for legislative change, education to increase awareness of the crime (not the problem), and to promote positive change for men,women and their children who have been affected by PTSD from military or domestic rape or abuse in the military or by a military member.

For the years this website has been operating I have borne the costs as my sole burden. I have taken no donations.  I may not be able to continue this practice. WE NEED TO PASS THE MESSAGE THAT IS IN THIS BOOK SO OTHERS MIGHT BE FREE! I want to share  recent comments people who have read the book are saying:

There are many other postings on the book sites Amazon and Barnes and noble.In addition my book was recently cited as the only western reference in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2015,DEPT. OF LAWS,PANJAB UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH.

Not posted are the many personal reports I receive daily from friends all over the English speaking world. This problem is not just an American problem.


 PRAY FOR ME AS I WRITE THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO YOU MY BELOVED READERS.  My site is in danger of going away I need your support. Here are what some are saying:


"....not only have I gained insight as a minister who works with veterans regularly into conduct you revealed, but PTSD caused by other reasons as well. As I deal with veterans at various stages of their life, I believe I am better prepared to properly and biblically respond to their needs and hurts. "Conduct Unbecoming" is a heartfelt revelation of plunging into the depths of man created despair and the work of climbing to confidence of walking, talking justice seeking righteousness! I recommend the read to those who are learning to deal with their despair from sexual abuse. There is a way out and "Conduct Unbecoming" might just shake you to find it and to give it. I would highly recommend it for families who have loved ones who have PTSD. Stand strong and God be with you!" Rev. Reagan

"Your words resonate to my soul, every word, every page, feeling, emotion, the reality of it! I appreciate your honesty and hard truth!" HP (Navy)

"David will always defeat Goliath!" GN father of Army daughter killed by perpetrators ps116:15

LF(Navy)70's"What can I say? Got your book...hard to read...hard to put is hitting so much are so courageous for putting it all out there for all to see...thank you so much for what you have done!"

"Thank you for speaking out for those of us who spent so many years in shame and confusion! You are very brave! I felt your poems!" SC

Your book is a must read!!!! I found so much help and answers even though I have had nothing to do with the military. Your book helps everybody just in everyday life! Best book I have read in a long time! It answered so many questions I had about so many things. Bless you for writing it, and bless you  for helping in abundance! You are a true angel for all who have walked this path. Your book is highly recommended in my humble opinion. HJ Horn, South Africa

Great Book!!! Hurt my heart!  Prayers for the author! AA Wood, Navy, Vietnam Vet



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