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A former representative before a house panel investigatig the way the military handles reports of sexual assault, rape, stated "twenty-nine percent said they were raped during their military service. They spoke of their continued terror, feelingsof helplessness, and the downward spiral many of their lives had taken since their service. Only eight percent of their perpetrators were referred to court martial while in the civilian world forty percent are prosecuted."

Chain of command needs to be removed from direct reporting. These are changes Chamberlain has recommended in her book. Nothing has been done in over four and a half decades since she was tortured in the military and her book CONDUCT UNBOCOMING, RAPE, TORTURE AND POST TRAUMATIC STRESS BY MILITARY COMMANDERS,  reveals that!

Congresswomen who have said "its too hard to prosecute overseas" are using unacceptable excuses. All these congresswomen were offered free books when Diane first published to educate them but none of them took Diane up on them. One lone Congressman and his aide requested to read it and she gladly accomodated them.

What's it going to take?Chamberlain's book remains timely. This book is the most researched book on the market on the topic. You won't find a more significant book. It outlines what PTSD is and how you can recover in depth. It has helpful examples of the authors life which many have said could be taken from their own life. It chronicles her long battle as she paved the way for others to follow in recovery as she paved the way in her career in the military and afterward.

What could have saved women like her then and now? Stricter recruiting standards for one. Easier reporting and no cover ups.

Other countries send these crimes to other courts, something America needs to do. This book has answers the reader will be lucky to find.

Therapists, clergy,family members, teachers, anyone who works with military can benefit from reading to understand those they serve. Chamberlain found peace by fighting back, confronting her perpetrators, and writing this book.  One thing she prays her readers take fromthe book is that no matter how crazy it gets on the inside, there is hope for that inner storm to stop!

This book is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Friesen Press links on this site. God Bless!


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