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It is not just in recent years newspapers have carried headlines of those dishonoring the uniform by raping innocent civilians, children, civilian co-workers, and fellow students at Academies. Savage beatings, sodomy, cruelty, mistreatment, rape, setting cadets on fire, and murder are just part of the headlines that reach all the way up to top commanding officers and generals. Leaders who silently allow these abuses to continue and do nothing are dishonorable men and women. When these heinous crimes are tolerated, unity and the very integrity of the services suffer.

This crime is almost exclusively a male crime. Sociopaths do not rehabilitate! Megan’s law is man’s pitiful attempt to save his own kind. How can  men sleep at night knowing  one million sexual predators are back on the streets of America to reperpetrate on more women and children and dare to declare that we are a lawful nation? This doesn’t count the many in the military that are let loose on society to reoffend.


Diane Chamberlain is the maiden name of the author, but in her academic tenure she graduated with honors in  Psychology  where she was also a peer counselor to psychology students. Her awards included the Dean’s list and Phi Theta Kappa. She was also honored as a member of the National Criminal Justice Society and accomplished work in that field as well. Before graduation she had 13 years experience in accounting, budgets, working in universities and private corporations. While attending college, she worked as a behavioral tech in the drug and alcohol field. Immediately upon graduation, because of her early success, she was hired as Director of Family Services to start up a nationally famous inpatient program. There she designed a family program that became so successful it brought international attention. She had begun research as an undergraduate which she continued in graduate school and her program was copyrited later in 1993 from her work in 1991. A now retired psychotherapist, she directed several programs  and was an able supervisor. Her peers honored her as Professional of the Year  in the drug and alcohol field and the Mental Health Association also honored her as Outstanding Professional . She was internationally certified in Alcohol and Drugs for over 14 years and worked with many EAP programs as well.

During her career she was listed in Who’s Who in American Women, Who’s Who in America,  Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare; Strathmore’s Who’s Who in American Women in Business. In addition, she was in a private association of counselors and psychiatrists for over FIFTEEN years and during that time also a part-time adjunct professor at the university from which she graduated, where she taught subjects in Intervention and addiction and Psychopathology to both undergraduate and graduate level students in both psychology and criminal justice. She contracted with the Army as a behavioral psychologist and designed a program to work with the 82nd , 101st airborne, and 105th in NC as their personal counselor and giving training talks. A certified hypnotherapist, she was also a certified supervisor for licensed counselors, social workers and marriage and family counselors in her state. She has been on many committees, affiliated with many associations, and has participated in many professional and public speaking engagements. She directed both inpatient and outpatient women's and family programs. In retirement, she wrote her FIRST book to help those with PTSD whom she had worked with over the years and to share her experience strength and hope from her own trauma. After close to 26 years working with military families she continued to serve her country as a professional. As a professional she utilized research and peer review as a tool in her work.

Now she has written her second book in retirement America at the gates of Hell. Another book about spirituality on the road to recovery and strength in a world gone mad. Another personal journey of truth and hope!






Statement before Congressional Committee on Sexual Predators in the Military 2006
By Diane Chamberlain 

I have not been invited to testify before your committee, but I should be. I am sending a statement, nevertheless, to several members of Congress with hopes it will be heard anyhow. Its message needs to be heard by you and I hope you will open your heart and mind to what is said here and carry it to others.

I have written an autobiographical expose of rape, torture and corruption by military commanders in a post Vietnam Era, having disposed of the draft, with its build-up of women. This once young naïve mother of two, with hopes, dreams and a strong sense of duty, stood against evil men  in horrible conditions – during my Army stint .

Why haven’t I got over it? How do you get over being the walking dead? How do you get over knowing when you died but your body goes on with half a life? How do you get over your life not being right again? Years lost without living and the ones who did this to you are honored and protected, their crimes are covered-up  in the society in which you live? How do you get over the opportunity to tell being denied you because of the five year statute of limitation that you didn’t have access to in the first place? How do you get over the very ones charged with protecting you are the very ones who perpetrated crimes against you because they had access to you and opportunity? How do you get over the hopelessness and helplessness they made you feel and then laughed at your weakness because they could? How do you get over the damaged relationships, the distance, the hurts because of what they did to you? The suffering of innocent children, how do you ever get over the damage done to them?

How do you get over something happening to you in the country that you loved and served that you thought could only happen in barbaric nations? How do you reclaim innocence lost?

How do you get over the intrusiveness of the nightmares, flashbacks of the terrors that still live within you? How do you get over the multiple triggers that seem to be legion? How do you get over the high price you are forced to pay while those who did this to you are given pensions, medals and their crimes are whitewashed and condoned by leaders of a country you thought was yours?

How do you get over the feelings of hate you never felt before, the anger that is unrecognized as righteous by others, the sacrifices you were forced to make for some evil men’s pleasure, the degrading humiliations? The perpetrators who got away with giving you a lifetime of pain and then forgot about you and what they had done to you, the daily battles just to live they left you with and then no medals, no thanks, nothing. You never, ever, ever get over it! You never stop grieving, hurting, dying, being angry about the evil!

We have had decades of statistics, reports, recommendations, GAO follow-ups to Secretaries of Defense, Air Force, Army, Navy and so on. Still rape, battery, stalking, child abuse, kidnapping, torture, emotional abuse, harrassment,sodomy, and homicide are major problems in the military.

I personally lived a hell that almost left me dead and then that hell returned to haunt me anew twenty-seven years later. There is a pattern of the Fox cover-up efforts despite endless studies, newspaper reports, and other congressional hearings. The Fox continues to do business as usual.

My perpetrators were all in a position of power over me.

They were people of higher rank!

 The details are revealed in my book. There were seven men in total. Two were Colonels one a Warrant Officer, another a Captain. Two were in the IG"S office.

At Fort Dix men were allowed to yell, bellow, scream, hiss, and whistle, pat us and treat the females like cattle in chow lines with command in our presence. When we looked to them for support they looked away. Gang rape was common and fraternization was open and blatant. Men would protrude their genitals from their barracks windows as we passed by with no fear of retribution.

My ongoing struggles are just one of many  and continued within the Veterans Administration and that signifies a mindset that, shockingly, has not changed in over four and a half decades. How can current soldiers expect any better treatment than those of us who went before?

In 1975 General Bailey noted her concerns about unresolved matters and strong antifemale bias and hardships. She made strong recommendations. General Mary Clark who followed in 1975 went farther in recommending a training film on rape, yet her office and staff were dissolved and her recommendations never implemented.

I do not tell my story to degrade the military, but to give you, the Congress a chance to once and for all address the problem of rape that has gone on long enough, to restore honor and integrity to our Armed Forces. There is no honor unless there is first truth, and the truth has been covered up far too long.

I listened with deep concern to the testimony of Justin Berry pleading with you to change the inadequate laws of the federal government that allowed him to become a victim of sexual predators.

 I was shocked that so few members heard his dramatic soul wrenching testimony. It is sad such a courageous young man feels it is NOT helpful for others to come forward due to the inadequacies he has experienced so young at the hands of his government.

 This betrayal of innocents is not new. It is sad so few of our congressmen and women seem to be interested in changing and participating in such a committee.Where were the women participants? Now with the revelations of Congressman Mike foley's  resignation due to his own exploits, who headed the committee for missing and exploited children, I empathize more with Justin's plight and admire him all the more for his courage to come before that very committee.

As far as the military, it has been unwilling to address this problem fully far too long and developed a culture that perpetuates and minimizes the behavior. This has caused a breakdown of those military values my father and forefathers fought for, and a loss of honor to those who cover it up and perpetuate it. There exists now a disconnection from the military’s mission, and it is a cancer that is bringing shame on our country, and to all who would serve honorably.

I wrote this in 2006 but I did get over the anger, hate I had never felt to that degree before service, some flashbacks and endless nightmares, and was able to let go. I will always have some problems due to the damage but thanks to my faith, I was able to get to a place of peace. I was able to let go.

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